Avila offers a variety of junior programs in Golf, Tennis, Fitness and Swim that are designed for juniors of all ages and skill level. The programs allow juniors to develop their hand eye coordination, technique, decision-making and etiquette.


The Tennis Pavilion offers three after school programs based on age and skill level. These programs are United States Tennis Association (USTA)-based taught by USPTA certified teachers to ensure that the juniors have all the resources they need to excel. In addition, Avila Tennis offers an elite junior program. This program is designed for rising high school stars who are looking to play equally matched athletes.


Golf offers an after school program as well that allows juniors to get one-on-one time with Avila’s Junior Teaching Instructor. This program covers all aspects of the game from ball striking and short game technique to course management and etiquette. As with all of Avila’s junior programs equipment can be provided upon request.


Junior Sports Program:
Help your junior build confidence and excel in sports. The primary pillars of youth training: sport specific movement, speed and agility, strength and power, and flexibility and balance are implemented allowing them to improve their athleticism. A progressive series of sports conditioning drills and strength conditioning, combined with preventative injury movements develop young athletes to their full potential.


Our junior swimmers have the option of joining us for one of our (2) afterschool swim club Programs.  Youth will be taught by a certified ARC instructor & USA Coach, and they will focus on developing strokes, as well as improving their endurance and overall water skills. Water Safety Activities are also incorporated into all our programs to help enforce lifelong skills to all our youth. Our swim club is only in session for a short 6-month session (May – October).